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a film by Gadadhar Puty

POOJA PAEEN PHOOLATIE (A ROSE FOR POOJA) is not exactly a children’s film but it explores the world of children. It is the story of an extraordinary 12 year girl Pooja and her relationship with another girl of 5 years, Mickey.

Pooja, an orphan, is brought up in a brickyard with her grand father. She is excellent in her studies and co curricular activities. The owner of the brick yard takes her to his city house for higher studies but his wife engages Pooja as a domestic hand and does not allow her to go to school. A strong bond develops between her spoilt daughter, Mickey and Pooja. Within a short time Pooja is transforms Mickey into an all round champion. When the friendship reaches a peak level, Pooja is driven out from their house. Years later these two tender hearts meet: Mickey with eye injury and Pooja to Pooja her without revealing her identity. Mickey’s condition aggravates and Pooja prays almighty for Mickey at the cost of her life. Pooja dies and Mickey sees the light of the world through Pooja’s eyes.

Written, edited and directed by FTII, Pune alumnus Gadadhar Puty, POOJA PAEEN PHOOLATIE (A ROSE FOR POOJA) is designed as a classic from the very inception. And it targeted at an emotional appeal to adult and children alike. Simplicity and austerity is maintained throughout the film with a deep rooted spiritual base.

The character of Pooja played by Adyasha Mohpatra was conceived as a fresh rose: a rose which lives for a short time but within that it appeals us with its beauty and fragrance and lives in our heart for ever.

Mickey is the 5 years old girl played by Akankhya Kabi is the object upon whom Pooja’s excellene is proved.

Both the artists have proved their ability to portray roles complex roles. Veteran actor Sarat Pujari at 73 is a pleasant surprise in this film. As an old patient in coma and recovering gradually, he had given an intense performance.

Naina Dash as a lady Doctor and Lisa Mohanty as micky’s mother have played their roles quite notably. So also Soumen Pujari and Sumanta Mani as Mickey’s father and a doctor respectively lived the roles.

The film has got seven numbers of songs. They are closely intermingled in the story to add life and beauty to the film. Lyrics are written by Devdas Chhotray, Mohan Sahu and Gadadhar Puty and composed by Brajendra Nayak. For Pooja and Mickey, the play back is done by Pritinanda Routray and Shrija Panda.

Cinematography of the film is done by ace cameraman Jugal Debata and audiography is by Kalyani Mishra.

The film is released in the commercial circuit on 29/09/07 at cuttack and Bhubaneswar and subsequently at Surat (Gujarat), Baripada, Puri, Jharpokhria. The film is already shown in a film festival at Bangalore in March /07 and is participating in another film festival at Chennai this September.

The world of children portrayed in the film is attempted to bring closer to children by organizing special shows for them the way it was done today (9/9/2007). Producer Padmini Puty is taking all care to show the film throughout the world through different film festivals. At last 30 lakhs of children will see the film in Orissa within next 4 months.

With this film, Padmini Puty puts her maiden foot forward to create a good cinema movement in Orissa and reach the audience at large.

The artists and technicians have wholeheartedly contributed to make the worthy film. And the film is made with a shoe-string budget of 15 lakhs contributed by many well wishers.

Writer/Director Gadadhar Puty

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